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       Fujiko CCTV  กล้องวงจรปิดมาตราฐาน
       Fujiko CCTV  กล้องวงจรปิดแบบโดม

       Fujiko CCTV  กล้องวงจรปิดขนาดเล็ก

       Fujiko CCTV  กล้องวงจรปิดสปีดโดม PTZ

       Fujiko CCTV  IR Illuminator กล้องอินฟาเรด

       Fujiko CCTV  Non-Pc Base DVR

       Fujiko CCTV  PC Based DVR

       Fujiko CCTV  PC Card DVR

       Fujiko CCTV  Pan/Tile Scanner  CCTV

       Fujiko CCTV  Housing and Bracket

       Fujiko CCTV  CCTV Lens

       Fujiko CCTV  CCTV Monitor






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How to choose a cctv

How To Choose a CCTV?

So you’ve decided to purchase a CCTV. Congratulations on your step toward making your home and family safer.

CCTV means “Closed Circuit Television” but generally refers to various types of home security surveillance systems in their entirety, from the type of camera to the type of monitor to the type of security alarm or notification.

In exploring your home security system options,  you’ll want to look at the following areas before you purchase:

Take a serious look at your home, in its entirety. Decide which particular areas you’d like monitored by your CCTV. Think like a thief – what area would you break into? What are some “weak spots” around your home? What are the more obvious areas that need protected?

Take a look inside of your home, if that is your particular area of home surveillance focus. Do you need several home security cameras within your home or is a single home security camera adequate? Again, be security conscious - what are some of the “weak spots” or areas of your home that need monitored?

How large of an area would you like your home security cameras to cover? Once you decide on the area you want your CCTV system to surveil, this information will aid you in choosing the right size and type of home security camera for your particular home surveillance needs.

What kind of home security camera works best for your home surveillance needs? Your choice of an appropriate home security camera is a critical component of your CCTV. It is the “eyes” of your CCTV.

There is a vast array of home security cameras to choose from and home security companies and services are happy to provide you with detailed information about each one.

Home security cameras can range from hardwired or wireless security cameras, from indoor to outdoor, from discreet to obvious, and from expensive to budgetarily sound. Home security cameras have an expansive amount of features to choose from as well.

Decide on an appropriate monitor for your security video and CCTV. Purchase a home security monitor that is build to handle the type of home security camera you choose. The resolution of your digital home security camera should match the resolution of your CCTV monitor.

In general, televisions are not good home security monitors (they’re not built to be on for long periods of time). Occasionally, computer monitors are acceptable. LCD/flat panel screens are good CCTV monitors for larger home security surveillance systems because they possess very good resolution in addition to using limited space and generating less heat than regular monitors.

As for size, 9” monitors are generally fine if the operator is in front of it but if you plan on combining images from several cameras, the smallest you should go is 15”.
CCTV’s have come along way over the last decade. Most home security video surveillance systems are easy to install, operate and maintain. With that said, you have to review your needs thoroughly prior to purchasing.

Or better yet, talk with an agent from several home security companies beforehand so you feel well versed in the various home security products available.